Changing the BAT adress for Receiving BAT from Referral Program on other than Uphold

Hello Brave Community

I have an issue since several weeks. And I really need to solve it.
Until now, in my knowledge, each personl participating in the referral program needs to connect its Brave publisher account to Uphold exchange to receive his BAT, according to the number of persons who are confirmed Brave users, once a month.

I have heard that some people who tried to change their BAT adress for another BAT address than Uphold had Problem with receiving BAT in the future, and they would have been banned from the program.
I hope it is not true, because I feel concerned as I want to change the BAT address where I receive my BAT as I participate in the referral program, but sometimes, I don’t want to keep them on Uphold. However Uphold Takes several BATs as fees for transferring BAT to another BAT adress , and this is too much expensive. On Binance, it was even more. It’s a bit crazy.

So, I wouldn’t lose such amount (because of high ethereum fees) if it was possible to receive my BAT directly where I want to receive them without passing by UPHOLD.

So, is it possible that someone explains to me if it is possible to use onother BAT adress than Uphold to reveice directly my BAT coming from Brave, from the Referral Program.

I would be grateful for the help.
Best regards

Hi @Publisher-user,

Thanks for writing in. There are two options for publisher payment wallets, Uphold and Gemini. Unfortunately these are currently the only ways to receive your BAT payout from your publishers account.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help to answer!

Thank you. This is straightforward at least, even if that does not give me a solution.
I appreciate your help and quick reply.
Could you let me know if Brave makes it more open in the future , such that we can withdraw on the wallet we want ? (and not only Uphold or Gemini)
Thank you

when will gemini work in germany?
I dont trust uphold you guys should add something else

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