Changing default Location of Brave system settings

I would like to move brave files from C:\Users%User%\AppData\Local to new location do to its size on the disk
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Move the folder from that location to a new one and everything is now missing

Expected result:
when I move that folder to a new location I can 1. go into brave browser and change the location, or 2. have brave notice the move of that directory to another location and just keep working.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
Looking to free up space as that folder takes up around 11GB and I have other drives that have more space.

Hello @naquadrea

wow 11GB that’s huge

i think you can reduce that by clearing cache if you like

by the way not all files in local are for brave only the folder called BraveSoftware

so do you mean those 11gb are in BraveSoftware folder?

and of course you can change the default folder but that require some command line if you like but i still see that 11gb is so huge for browser

are you sure that noone else copy some files in that folder by mistake

Sorry, you are correct it was not 11GB but 6.1GB, but still, I would be happy to know the command line to do that if I could as cut and past to a new location just gave me a blank brave screen with no settings. It is good to know that when moving them back everything shows back up again.

Did you accidently install a game in there? :wink: sorry i couldn't resist
The folder should contain files and folders not bigger than 600 MB !
I’ve never seen +11.000 files in any installation of brave, the last two months.
If this is not a question for a Dev/Admin ??

just before going the command line way could you right click on your partition c and make disk cleanup

and agree with @Rotblut

tht 6Gb is so huge i have only 120MB but could be very low related to other as i clear cache on exist and also do not use any extension

@naquadrea do you have any extension installed ?

does anyone of those extension download videos or something maybe they save their downloads there or something

and before we go to the command line do you enabled brave reward or not ?

I do indeed have brave rewards enabled, as for extensions I have translator, Google Translator, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Metamask. I do not know of any of these downloading Videos or anything of that nature. I do suspect if anyone did it, Maybe the translation extensions download languages for faster translation but that seems unlikely. After looking after a reboot, I found it dropped significantly to 1.4 GB so the Idea it is a cash problem now looks to be be true.

looks like there was some crazy going on that folder

did you make disk clean up for your partition c?

I had not as I did that before rather recently and did not see much a change from the last time months ago I checked. everything that could be cleaned up was only megs in size and only double digit. I would still like to move that folder off C: thought if there is an option to do so. I have a 10 TB drive just looking for something to fill its storage capacity outside of course the new Cyber Punk that is coming out of course :).

i recommend that you wait for one of the team as i do not know if changing the profile folder would affect the reward system of not

i will ask for one of them to help you @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

To confirm, the large size was due to cache data and now is no longer taking up the GB of space?

Additionally, due to the way Brave/Chromium are run, that information must stay in that folder.

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