Changing default email service to mac

I see in FAQ that to change default email to apple email i have to “navigate to link” then do file/share. How do I navigate to link?

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Hi @laname, Welcome to Community!
Can you share the FAQ/link you’re talking about?
You might just have to enter the link into your address bar.

Here is my question and other similar questions:

I think you sent the wrong link, as the link you sent is the one to this thread :slight_smile:
Are you trying to change the default email service provider on your macOS machine?

Yes, that is what I want. Now, it goes to gmail, which I use, but rarely. I want it to go to iOS mail. I have mail 13.4 and MacBook Air with Catalina 10.15.7

Actually, now I re-read your question. I’m not trying to change the default mail provider on my MacBook. I am trying to change the default email in Brave. When I send something from Brave (e.g., a link from a newspaper article) Brave takes me to gmail. I would rather it took me to my mac mail.

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In Brave, go to brave://settings/handlers – you should see gmail listed here. Click the More options icon on the right side of the gmail entry and select Remove:

Now there is no default email handler in Brave. You will also want to ensure that Apple mail is the default mail handler on your OS as well by opening the Mail app, then Preferences --> Default Email Reader then select Mail.

Let me know if this works for you.

PERFECT. Thank you so much.

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My pleasure! :slight_smile: