Changed name on Twitch but can't refresh the name on Brave (Pubisher)



I linked my Twitch account with my old name but now I use a new name on Twitch but Brave still using my old name :frowning:

I tried to disconnect Brave from Twitch then reconnect but got the same message:
“You have already claimed the Twitch account *********. If you would like to claim a second account, please sign out of Twitch and try again.”

Can you help me?
I would like to refresh my linked account :slight_smile:

Best regards,


Looping in @asad for assistance.



Hey @Meyverick,

Can you please provide this information:

  • Operating system (Windows, OSX, Linux)
  • Browser being used (Hopefully Brave :wink: )

Also, have you tried clearing your browser’s cache? Make sure everything from both Twitch and Brave Payments alike is deleted.


Sorry? I don’t know what I have to do? :see_no_evil:


I tried to disconnect Brave from my Twitch account, log out on Brave & Twitch, clean my Brave browser, relaunch Brave, log in on Brave publisher and Tried to connect a new account. Nothing, got the same error.

I just want to disconnect my Twitch account from Brave Publisher to reconnect with my new name. it actually use my old name, it’s the same account on Twitch but I renamed


Sorry for the confusion – I was just wondering which operating system / browser you were using and to have you clear your cache (which it sounds like you already did).

I went ahead and sent you a private message – let’s continue this convo there since i need some more of your account information :slight_smile:


Ok, I replied to you in private :slight_smile:


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