Change VPN subscription account?

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Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc): Samsung Galaxy S21, iPad Air 2022

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Software Version ): 15.6.1

Detailed description of the behavior: Apologies if this is a repeat. I originally got VPN on my Android phone, paid for an annual subscription. I went to activate it on my iPad and am now in a trial version for a second account. How can I go about merging the new iPad coverage with the existing account?

@GuardianTeam please help

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Unfortunately, the Brave Firewall + VPN service is not cross-platform compatible at this time. However, this is coming very soon as we know how important it is to be able to have protection across all devices for folks. Please stay tuned as an update with our desktop release will provide more capabilities such as this when you directly subscribe through Brave.

This was a major hurdle due to the fact that Apple and Google manage the current subscriptions respectively depending on the device you use and they do not allow sharing in this way. We are very excited for the solution to come.

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Thank you for your response! So, to ensure I understand: if I want to use the VPN (touted on Brave’s site as usable on up to 5 devices) on both my Android phone and my iPad, I have to pay double?


That is correct for right now. As stated, the subscriptions are not shareable cross platform at this time. The subscriptions are shareable on 5 devices of the same platform such as iOS using the same AppleID and 5 Android devices using the same Google Play account.

Since you have two devices managed by two separate entities, it would be best to have a subscription on the more used device until the release of cross platform support which is coming very soon.

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@Shznakl Just was trying to look and can’t really find anything. Are there not any Terms where things like this are stipulated for Users? You would think it would have greater detail of what is provided/covered before purchase. (I didn’t complete the subscription on my Android, so not sure if something comes to Users afterwards, but even if it does, it’s kind of weird not to have it more openly shown beforehand).

Or, at least as OP is mentioning, at least have things rephrased on the site. Currently it reads:

  • Can I protect more than one device?

Yes. Brave VPN protects up to 5 devices, as long as each has the Brave browser installed.

And above that:

  • Where can I use Brave VPN? Is it available on all platforms?

Brave VPN is available in the Brave browser on iOS and Android devices. It will be available for desktop computers (Linux, Mac, and Windows) very soon.

Seeing that, the natural assumption is that a subscription would cover up to 5 devices on any available platform. Though I’m sure not done intentionally, definitely is misleading.

Of course, I’ll tag @Mattches and @steeven since likely is a Brave side thing that needs done. But it is weird that Guardian (Brave VPN) doesn’t have a Terms of Use publicly shown during the signup/subscription process either.

The only Terms which do exist is part of which doesn’t even mention Android.

Brave Firewall + VPN Subscription

Brave VPN is a paid service and at your sole discretion, you can pay to upgrade. You can upgrade to the Monthly or Yearly plan in the iOS app.

Brave Firewall + VPN Payment

Payment for your subscription plan is due and collected by Apple. Your subscription payment will be subject to Apple’s applicable payment policy, which may not provide for refunds. We strongly recommend you read Apple terms and conditions before subscribing to one of our plans. Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to amendments by Apple. Brave is not responsible for any payment error or fraud on your Apple account. Also, any fee payment will be deemed final, and we will not provide you any refund. Apple may collect personal data and payment card data when you make purchases. They do not give this data to Brave. Brave does not collect or process credit or debit card data.

Terms of Use Effective Date:
July 14, 2020


I take your points made here and as you mentioned, tagging some Brave folks would like help for visibility of the copy issues on the website which definitely could use some TLC.

I do also have to point out that there are platform limitations requiring wording to be extremely precise due to the different App review processes as either platform is very strict about not mentioning the other platform anywhere. Simply put, Apple and Google do not play well together with sharing subscriptions and never have.

Our ideal hope here is that with desktop release + multi-platform support where Brave manages the subscription, these issues will be non-existent and users will be happy to share their subscriptions to wherever it works for them.

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Thank you. I know the Apple/ Google/ Microsoft triangle of mutual distrust and animosity has caused problems for many developers, to the point where some who would like to offer cross-platform products just give up and don’t bother.

I’ll go ahead and cancel my iOS subscription while I’m still in my trial period. Hopefully the multi-platform versions will come soon!


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