Change view source text editor?

I was going to post this in support but couldn’t follow the formatting since I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s a feature that either doesn’t exist or I don’t know where to find it. (Apologies if I’m doing this wrong since this is only my second post here. I tried searching for similar posts on Google and here but couldn’t find anything.)

Is there a way to view page source in Brave via a text editor of our own choosing? I use Notepad in other browsers but can’t find a way to change it in Brave. The strange window it opens source code in is…foreign to me. I have to use extra keystrokes I’m unfamiliar with since it isn’t like using Notepad with its usual functions. (For example, to select all the text, I had to Google the keystroke to do that, Control+A, which I never have to use in Notepad since it just has a “Select all” function in the menu or you can right-click to bring up such a menu. Right-clicking while viewing source in Brave doesn’t bring up a “Select all” option; I had to Control+A, Control+C, then open up Notepad and paste the text in there.) I didn’t stop to look for other functions I often use but I assume they’re similar.

I like to edit my own HTML files using Notepad, and often do this when they’re already open by viewing source, but now that Brave is my default browser I can’t do it that way.

I tried going into the “Developer Tools” as suggested when changing the text editor in Internet Explorer but that just confused me even more. I didn’t understand any of it.

If this isn’t a current feature then I’d like to suggest it for those of us who aren’t developers or coders and just like to view source in a simpler fashion for various reasons.

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I had the same question. That view program that brave uses is weird. fairly useless too.

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