Change unwated shortcut

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Shortcut added to open Settings “Command + <” which is used on mac to switch between windows.

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MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 - Brave 1.56.9

How can I deactivate that shortcut from brave?

@Silve2611 two things.

  1. Please make sure to Search Before Posting in the future. Many times the answers to our questions/issues have already been addressed. Opening duplicate topics is not helpful and instead can be a distraction and/or annoyance.

  2. As an example of the above, the answer to your issue can be found at Keyboard shortcuts suddenly broken - #5 by fallaciousreasoning

Thank you very much. It solved my problem!

I was searching for a solution but the title did not sound like a shortcut was broken, just added :slight_smile:

Next time I will try to look into more answers that could be related. Thx

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All good. I just try to encourage people every once in a while. It makes things easier. Thanks for not taking it negatively.

Btw, not sure if you looked through the rest of that topic, but you can also change shortcuts in Brave’s settings. So Settings → System → Shortcuts and you can change or add any shortcut you want.