Change Theme when enabling Dark Mode for websites

Currently, there are many extensions that provide a dark mode for webpages viewed using Brave.
While they change the colour of the webpages these extension cannot change the colour of the address bar and title bar. Therefore when its getting dark, users first have to enable their dark mode extension and then change to a dark theme using the settings. I want an option to render webpages in dark mode and change the title bar to a dark theme with a single click.

How should this be achieved?

  • Provide a way for extensions to apply a different theme to the browser
    Problems: Extensions need to be made aware of this API and use it. As most extensions are
    written to be compatible with other Chromium browsers there might be other problems too.
    Furthermore users might not want to give extensions the ability to change the browser’s theme
    because that is what Designs are for.

  • Provide a native dark mode for websites that changes the address bar colour and renders
    websites in a dark theme:
    I think there is some development regarding a dark mode on mobile Brave but I am not sure.