Change the application a website opens?

Hey there, I’ve been having troubles with this for a while. I play a game called ‘iRacing’ and you can open the game through its website. If you have the game installed, it also unlocks some functions that otherwise you don’t get. When the browser asked me to open iRacing a few months back, I said yes and set it to always open that app for requests from However, I have since changed the install directory and it hasnt asked me about opening or attempting to open since. It works on every other browser however, and other things that require applications to open on Brave work perfectly fine. Any ideas?

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I set an application to open every time the website (In this case, tries to open an application, And since then have changed the install location. iRacing’s website does not request to open any application anymore, and because of that has no ability to detect whether or not iRacing is installed on this machine. So; I am trying to get the website of iRacing to open Applications, so it can see that I have it installed on this machine. However brave has not prompted me at all to open it.

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None, this is a specific case on my end

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Every time

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Windows 10 Pro version 21H2

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