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Brave, I would highly suggest you remove the option to search a private window with Tor as Tor can be used to access the Dark Web and it is illegal and could get you arrested or maybe the brave browser will be shut down so please remove that option that will allow people to have access to illegal stuff and websites

The same could be told of clearnet, P2P, Torrents and other anonymus networks as well

@chungus1 I would advice you research more before jumping to claims. What you have said is completely inaccurate. The so-called “dark web” is not illegal. The name Dark Web references how things are kept more private and leaves less traces, much like it’s harder to see a person in the dark than it is in the light.

The argument people use is that in those shadows, where identity is harder to track, people might feel more bold in elicit behavior. But that is on each individual and can’t be held against the browser or anything like you’re suggesting. To put it to another analogy, it would be like saying people can’t drive cars OR that cars can’t be permitted to drive into the ghetto because everyone driving in the ghetto is criminals. It’s nonsensical.

Anyway, we appreciate your concern but do suggest you learn more. Below are two general articles to get you started.

DaW ⊂ DeW

The dark web is strictly a subset of the deep web, namely that part of it that is used for illegal activities. This means that exactly what parts of the deep web are dark web, depends on your local laws at any given time.

Tor is the safest way to surf the deep web as a whole, including the dark web. As a result, law enforcement agencies are very quick to treat anyone who uses Tor with suspicion, but they are wrong to do so.

Is surfing the deep web illegal? No.
Is surfing the deep web suspect? No.

Is merely surfing the dark web illegal? That depends on your local laws.
Is surfing the dark web suspect? Yes.

Is using Tor illegal? Not in most places.
Is using Tor suspect? It shouldn’t be!

Should Brave remove Private with Tor? No!
Should Brave do more to bring Private with Tor up to safety standards with Tor browser? Yes please!

Written on a Private with Tor window.

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