Change image and video result 'provider' to a privacy conscious search provider

Hello! Instead of Relying or making Google or Bing as an option for images and videos, rely on Mojeek or DuckDuckGo thus, we are still protected by their privacy efforts and without our identifying information be used or away to Big Techs

You can use their search engines directly, instead.

Unfortunately, Their search results aren’t great as Brave does, and due to DuckDuckGo’s Censorship controversy I won’t use their service as an alternative to Brave. However I found those two search engine more privacy friendly than Google and Bing.

@neutronnstarr Brave Search had been using Bing API for their image and video searches. They recently stopped using the API and are trying to build it out to be 100% independent. Currently their normal Search is 100% independent, but then they have no search capabilities for image or video. So you’ll need to use other search engines for that until they set up and release the database for independent Brave Search for Image and Video