Change default PIP window size

I know that I can resize PIP window size, but there is any possibility to change the PIP window default size? PIP default window size is very small and I have to always risize it and I want to avoid that.

Apple PIP Agent file setting is at:


In order to become acquainted with changing something in such a .PLIST file, make a copy of that file, to your Mac Desktop.

Work on that copy.

You can use a Text Editor application to open a .PLIST file. A Text Editor example, is BBEdit:

Or, you might try PlistEdit Pro:

Older versions - download:

The String that you would adjust:

I found that at:

And some of the .PLIST editing tips, are at:

When you think that you are ready, save as a backup, the existing file at:


Save that backup to someplace safe on your Mac.

And next, place a copy of your experimental file from your Desktop, into:


Upon Restarting your Mac, the Mac OS might reset your new .PLIST file, back to some pre-determined value for the size.

You probably could prevent the Mac OS from making such a change, by adjusting the permission setting for that file.

I tested and works only with Safari. However, if I delete the file and restart the Mac, Safari still memorize the last size even without file in /Users/my_user_shortname//Library/Preferences/. Brave should have somewhere a place to configure PIP window size.

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