Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page

They brought a setting called blank page. But I want dark theme support for dashboard. I want the default background image to be white or black. I don’t want Brave’s own colors. I want the new tab page to be black, which is easy on the eyes.

Apologies – maybe I’m not following: you’re saying that you want to have the Blank page option display black/dark when dark mode is selected? Because unless I’m missing something that’s the exact behavior I see:

Dark theme selected:

Light theme selected:

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Just to chime in here, I really dislike the selection of images. The only reason I have them on is for the ad on the NTP, that I hope I’m getting some BAT for. If there was hundreds of backgrounds to choose from, I could make a much better grouping that eliminates the top down aerial views, cold and ice views, and annoying color contrasting images. Furthermore, browser images should be in a directory so they can be changed. The same way the advertisers background images are in a plugin directory, that is fine.


I just use an extension to maintain the sites I want to show up as shortcuts. I am in control of that. I gave up on Brave allowing the configuration of the New Tab page wrt what sites show there.

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When I turn off the background images in the dashboard interface, I want them to be white or dark in line with the theme. I don’t want a colorful wallpaper.


I want to have certain sites to show up on the New tab page and only those sites. The only time these shortcuts are to change is if I as the end-user change them. I do not want Brave to put what sites it feels should be there. Right now I have to use an extension to do this simple task.


Dating back to Brave’s Muon version, I’ve offered more criticism of Brave than praise, and that includes what I see when I open New Tab in Brave, the subject of this thread. Indeed, I’d installed an extension so what I saw was a blank page. Apparently, Brave offered its own flavor of this option a few updates back, but I missed it.

What I didn’t miss — though Brave hasn’t yet made a Big Deal about it — is the optional News Feed, available when I open a new tab.

Great job! Thanks.

Don’t expect the criticism to stop, but when you do something right — and the News Feed is certainly Doing Something Right — it’s only fair to add praise to the comments, too.

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I did not even see their News Feed since like you I had to resort to an extension so that I could have the website I want on the New Tab page. The news feed is not something I would use since I have been using Feedly for years across multiple browsers for my news feeds customized the way I want.

The configurability of the new tab page regarding what websites are there is a feature that Brave has kept promising would be implemented but never has. Disappointed again.

I’d really like the ability to change that god awful pink and purple SJW hair color on the new tab without backgrounds. Idealy upload my own images. I know dev. takes time but lawd hav mercy it’s been awhile now since I saw the original request here when Googling the issue


Gothic Black with some unreadeable Black Metal band logo would be highly appreciated.

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When will the option to add custom tiles come in Brave, like by which month? Is it there in the nightly build yet?

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I was wondering if their would be an option to add a search bar to the actual homepage (as an OPTION as I know loads of people love the lack of one), its their in every other big search engine and i know it’s not too important but loads of people are used to it as a crutch of sorts and I feel like its dearly missed. I feel like a good option to place it is in the top left corner but i’ll let people more qualified worry about that if it comes :wink:

Hi, I want to customize my top sites to display my favorite sites. I found a support article about this that says I need to click “customize” at the bottom right of the blank tab

. However, when I do it, I don’t see the same things that are shown in the screen shot of the help article. This is what I see: . Help.

Apparently, this will be doable with 1.23 of Brave. An option is available in Nightly builds. Right now one has to use an extension to allow configurability of the new tab page.

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@fedup is correct – at the top of the article/image you shared it states that the feature is available in Nightly.

That said, it is moving down the pipeline towards release – it’s currently available in Developer builds and is targeted for a stable release in version v1.23x

Yes. Nice to see this feature landed on desktop nightly. :bouquet:

I’m updating Android Nightly frequently and hopes to see this feature there one day.

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There is a way to customize the Brave new tab page but if you want to you wont be able to see the statistics like how many ads and trackers you’ve blocked or time saved or bandwidth saved. In order to change the new tab page to whatever you like you must install this extension from the chrome web store:

you can upload images to infinite dashboard or use the selection they have within the extension.

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The link to the work around was helpful. Thanks for putting it out there.

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