Change/Customize/Blank New Tab Page

Yeah, that’s the “Release” version. To get the options I showed, you need to run Dev or Nightly, which are hotlinked in my post.

Thanks Hnk, I will get on and switch to that now.

Why rely on other extension can this be implemented on browser itself, I just want clean new tab without any wallpaper or let us customize new tabs.

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@Bl1ts With the new settings for the new tab page (should now be available from Brave Beta on) you can have an almost blank new tab page.

Furthermore, you can always change your new tab page completely. Unfortunately, there is not setting for this in Brave (at least I couldn’t find one), but you can install new tab pages from the chrome webstore.
For example, install it and it should be automatically your new tab page. If you remove it again, the Brave new tab page is displayed again.

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Any ETA on the release date?

Maybe add an option to have the bookmarks bar show only on NTP like in Chrome? I don’t want it to take away from the screen estate on a regular basis, but it’s useful to see / navigate on the NTP.

This option is already implemented in Nightly and Dev builds and is moving down the pipeline to release:

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Hi, @br4ve_account1111. Interesting idea. @Mattches, I believe the OP means that the bookmarks bar itself would not be shown anywhere except the NTP, which is somewhat different from the preference you highlighted here. I don’t know of a way to do that.

In the above scenario, with the Always show bookmarks bar on New Tab page toggled on, but the Show bookmarks bar option toggled off, the result is no bookmarks bar for any sites while browsing, but it will always appear on the NTP.


Oh, sorry, didn’t actually try it.

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I have a different issue that I don’t see listed. I use the Remove feature (X) on a Top Site and it constantly returns. I have ‘removed’ this site at least 25 times but it always returns, while a site I WANT in Top Sites I cannot get because I ‘removed’ a different URL at the same site.
Version 0.68.142 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) macOS 10.13.6

:star_struck: can’t wait for all of these additions !

For me, it is important to have my bookmark on first page. Speed Dial is perfect for this, but the homepage from Brave is really nice. Just the weather missing. It will be great to have the possibility to choose between seeing the top site or the favorites bookmark. Or both.

If you can do something similar to what VIVALDI browser does, then you’d be off to a great start. Meanwhile I guess we will need to use an extension for a better New Tab / Speed Dial page.

When search bar will add for new tab on PC and android? I would like to use it.

Glad I found this. How is the dev status please?

Hi Kliu, Been about 5 mos since you posted this update and I was hoping to get an update? Specifically looking for the removal of the limitation to the top tile grid.

Thank you.


Hi everyone, I’m the designer for the New Tab Page and this is roughly the order of front-end work that’s planned with @rebron , the product manager:

1. Fix Top Tiles

  • Stop pulling from user History
  • Default Top Tiles the user starts with is , , and a third one TBD
  • Remove the pin and bookmark tile options, leaving only “X” to get rid of a top site
  • Allow user to add their own website URL as their top tile
  • Update top tile grid so that there is no limit on how many top tiles a user can add

Hi everyone, as requested I’d like to give an update on this since it’s been awhile. The order of planned front-end work is still the same and @rebron is still the product manager for New Tab Page.

1. Fix Top Sites: There is a design/product spec on this in Draft mode

  • Allow user to pick between two interaction modes: a Favorites mode that allows user to curate their own tiles, and a Frequently Visited mode that has the tiles pretty much working the same as currently - auto-populating with recently/frequently visited sites.
  • Favorites mode update: stop pulling from user history
  • Favorites mode update: Remove the pin and bookmark tile options, leaving only “X” to get rid of a top site
  • Favorites mode update: Allow user to add their own website URL and website name as their top tile
  • Favorites mode update: Update top tile grid so that there is no limit on how many top tiles a user can add
  • No planned changes for the default Top Siles the user starts with

2. Wallpaper: Designs WIP, no spec yet

  • Allow users to upload their image and set as wallpaper
  • Add more ‘no-image’ options, like gradients and setting solid colors
  • Add integration with a stock image library so the user can select from there

3. Stats: Icebox for now

  • Make text color white
  • Update labels to match labels in the Shields panel

New features roughly follow this order to implementation: I a design phase, II spec phase (all details of a new feature are written down and hashed out between various people working on it until agreement is reached) III an implementation phase with the feature landed in the Nightly build (includes QA, or quality assurance step).

As mentioned previously, this list does not indicate the complete priority of work as there may be non-front-end work or other business goals to be reached that takes precedence. I know it can seem like progress on this is slow, but Brave is still a small company so there isn’t really a dedicated New Tab Page team at Brave that can continuously work on these features. Thanks for understanding. You can check the project board for updates:


And thanks for your continued support in Brave! We’re always open to more feedback.

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Could you make it possible to move the dashboard elements on a grid like windows
Thanks !

I don’t want to go through all the discussion here, could anyone just tell me if it is possible to set about:blank as new tab? or is it not yet there?