Change Bookmark Tab icon

I use bookmarks extensively. The result being a lot of tabs all with the same Folder icon.
As they get added to and removed regularly, they are not always in the same place.
I also use short names and therefore can have up to 30 folders across the top, searching for the one i want can take time, not long admittedly, but still time.
Can i change the folder icon so that a visual person, like me can quickly find the right tab

Hello, John. Unfortunately this feature is not supported, but I completely understand how it would improve your experience. For now, you can quickly search bookmarks by using the following pattern in the address-bar: about:bookmarks?q=COVID. While this isn’t the ideal solution, it may speed up your searching for the time being.

Thanks Sampson, this helps. It will also help me tidy up my bookmarks by finding duplicates


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