Certain websites won't load unless ad blocking is turned off


My operating system is Mac 10.13.4, my Brave version is 6.6.346.32

Every time I try to watch programs on investigationdiscovery.com, it never ever works. The page itself doesn’t load properly. I’ve tried to modify the shield settings by allowing 3rd party cookies and allowing all fingerprinting, but the only thing that makes the page work is if I allow ads. Clearly no point if I can still see ads. I’m trying to switch to Brave from Chrome and although I block ads on Chrome, it lets me view videos on investigationdiscovery.com. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work on Brave.

Interestingly, it works just fine on iOS. When I view the site on the mobile version of Brave, I have no problems.

Thank you for your help, I really like Brave and I want to use it for all the sites I visit!


There is an issue logged for this. Please track the issue here

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