Certain websites no longer open after the Monterey update on my Mac

I updated my Mac to Monterey yesterday and now I can no longer open YouTube or Fastmail. I even re-downloaded the browser and the same issue. Other websites open as usual. (Facebook, Quickbooks, Amazon, etc.)
I have tried it over and over again and always the same thing.

What thing is that? Can you tell us more details?

What version of Brave? What errors are you seeing, if any?

Right now I cannot open YouTube, Fastmail, Proton Mail, and Quickbooks. Proton Mail, their main website opens, but when I go to sign in it just keeps loading the account and never opens. Quickbooks opens to the partial sign-in screen but just keeps having green dots circling, but never opens. Fastmail will not even leave the main screen, the tab keeps circling red and it says I am trying to enter an insecure website in the bar. YouTube goes to a gray screen and shows YouTube in the tab, but in never goes further as the tab keeps circling red. Amazon and Facebook open as usual, no problems with them.

I’m unable to access Brave Community, Twitter – since my Monterey upgrade

Same issues as above, or something different?

What exact version # of macOS is it?

Can you include any screenshots showing what you’re seeing?

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