Certain sites not loading properly


I’m having trouble getting the site: champion.gg to load properly on the Brave browser, it just loads endlessly. Any tips on how to get it to work?


Works fine for me.

Try clearing the browser cache once and retry?


I cleared my browsing data under the settings tab. Via: Settings > Security > Clear Browsing Data Now. Still no luck. Here’s a screenshot of my current issue. It looked the same prior to my original post.


Just want to add one side note. It loads for a split second showing me this:

…before reverting to the image I posted previously. Does that split second load clear anything up? It was a hassle trying to time the Print Screen with the opening of the Brave Shields Panel lol.


Could you paste the brave details from about:brave?


Here’s what i copied from about:brave, thanks for the assistance by the way!

Brave: 0.14.1
rev: 3de60d52df3ef48d12d9696a076b72079beb9658
Muon: 2.57.8
libchromiumcontent: 57.0.2987.133
V8: 5.7.492.71
Node.js: 7.4.0
Update Channel: dev
os.platform: win32
os.release: 10.0.14393
os.arch: x64


I just tried that website OP posted and the same crash happens to me. I also have a list of other very prominent websites that are similarly crashing the tab, so I think it may be related:


Also CSS not loading on some sites, like http://thegatewaypundit.com/

There seems to be many sites crashing the tab and having issues, so I’m sure it would be easy to find more just by browsing around.

Brave 0.15.0
rev 71fb730
Muon 2.58.7
libchromiumcontent 58.0.3029.81
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform win32
os.release 10.0.15063
os.arch x64