Certain links don't work on Weather.com


After accessing Weather.com via https://weather.com/weather/today/l/USDE0043:1:US, links to other pages (e.g., “5 day” and “10 day”) cause link displayed to change, but new page is not visited. If I right click and copy link (e.g., https://weather.com/weather/5day/l/USDE0043:1:US), then paste to address bar and press Enter, link displayed changes, but viewport changes to blank screen. (N.B.: I have had copy/paste get me to the page correctly once out of a dozen tries, but don’t know what was different about that one instance.) Problem may be related to a script being initiated by anchor line (“push=‘function(){return t(e.apply(void 0,arguments))}’”), but that’s just speculation on my part.


I tried to reproduce the issue using 0.14.3 Preview 3 (latest and greatest for us QA folks) and was able to click and navigate without issue.

Could you let me know what version you are on, and what your shield settings are? (click on the lion in the upper-right)



@alex, thanks for your reply. I’m on Brave 0.14.1, rev 3de60d5. Shields are set as shown below:

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