Centralized CSS / Element Blocking Management


I’m not sure if this has bene discussed, but I have attempted to find similar topics.

Brave could really use a centralized place to manage all custom CSS / element blocker rules for all sites. The current system involves – right click, enter a CSS ID or class to block, and hope that it works. If you have multiple existing rules and the new rule doesn’t work as expected, the user is forced to clear all rules for the site and start from scratch. In addition, there’s no easy way to tell if a CSS / element blocker rule is enabled for a website other than experimenting by clearing all rules and seeing if some page elements return.

Even something simple like uBlock Origin’s approach would be good where it’s a giant flat list of CSS rules with the applicable domains for each rule clearly listed.



The element blocking feature in its current form works very poorly, needs much work. But I think they’re aware of that.

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Thanks for the request @Takuro @BraveNew. We’ve an issue logged for that. I added your +1s and you can follow the progress here https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/1280


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