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There’s no COMUNITY without expression’s Freedom 2022-04-16T22:00:00Z

Here Fredoom is under surveillance and censorship by Admin. When you give an opinion outside of what the administrator typifies as our “rules”, you’ll get for sure HOLD for human supervision, untill that you are block and your posts hidden. Specially when you say something to criticize the platform or management of Brave Browser. I think this way is very “democratic”, better said, this is too close to a dictatorship.

Let’s change the GAME? Anonimous. :speak_no_evil:

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Well, they do have a ToS. If you violate the ToS then you face consequences. IMO, posting on this or any other forum is not a “right” but a “privilege”. Break the rules and your privilege can be revoked.

My experience is that you can post just about any opinion you want on this and many other forums as long as you don’t violate the ToS. Just a matter of how you word your post… and definitely don’t use abusive language… or incite abusive actions by other community members… or spread blatantly false information especially to cause chaos… usually those cover the main issues IMO…

BTW, I do not necessarily find a “HOLD for human supervision” message objectionable. In fact, it may be to the benefit of the user. I would much prefer this type message than an auto-bot randomly closing my message.

I haven’t noticed this. Lots of posts can be found criticizing both the platform and the management. The ones I see hidden are usually the abusive ones and/or posting replies that are off-topic. You can still see the post if you want. These are mostly tagged by community members themselves and not management.

I have seen topics/posts deleted but those were grossly offensive and the posts were usually spammed in several topics and not related at all. I myself appreciate that those topics were deleted and not just hidden. And if that particular account is banned or deleted, all the better. I’m pretty sure a user with a banned/deleted account can just turn around and create a new account… or is there some obstacle preventing that?

If possible, can you provide examples? Specifically identifiable screenshots of “HOLD for human supervision”? Anything to support your premise? That would probably help differentiate your experience from the scenarios I posted above. Right now, I just haven’t experienced any of the points you’ve posted in your poll.

Sorry for the novel. lol I find this poll interesting. Hope you get more feedback/input! The one poll I’ve posted so far didn’t get a lot of responses. It probably wasn’t as interesting as this one could be! :laughing:

Right now, I don’t have enough information about what you are referencing to vote. If I had to base a vote based on my experience, then it would have to be a “NOT” because I am just not experiencing what you are expressing in your poll.

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Ouch. :grin: I apologize if I was arrogant, truly didn’t mean to be. Just expressing my opinion. Yes, my experience and opinion appears to be in direct opposition to yours.

The above image does not provide sufficient or additional information imo. I did go look at some of your previous posts and I think I do have a more informed opinion now. I am voting “NOT” based on your previous posts. If you have anything additional to contribute, I can always change my vote. :smiley:

Thank-you for the poll. Very interesting.

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It has been not very representative poll. I hoped comunity were more worry about freedom expresion, but it seems they are only here for the tiny BAT they can harvest.
Very sad. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I definitely do not agree.
I have seen so many replies from admins to rude posts, in a very polite way. Likely your experience has been different than mine.

But some users do deserve to be blocked.
Let’s be honest. There is a global tendency in the web to be aggressive. We can see it in almost every post in social networks. People behave online like they would never behave if they were facing the other person.

Just giving an example:
We (each of us) enter a Café and order a hot drink. The lady brings the drink, and when we taste it, it’s not so warm.
What would we do?

  1. We call the lady and tell her “Sorry, but my drink is cold.”
  2. We stand up and start screaming: “This is a scam!”; “They are stealing from us!”

If one wants to be respected, must know how to respect. Mainly when asking for support.

Totally desagree! You might live in wealty Europe whit narrow mind.
Travel a little and visit for exemple Detroit in USA, this behabiour you explain could be founded in each corner.
World is not only what you know man! Travell more and try to open your mind!

You made my day man :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

I really enjoy this community. Thanks to jokers like you that make me laugh even in the hardest hours

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It is easy to make laugth rich narrow people. :crazy_face: