Censorship and Brave


I heard FF has plans to implement censorship of conservative content much like FB and YouTube and Chrome is doing. I also have heard some browser extensions are starting to censor conservative content.

Does Brave have any plans to censor or block conservative content like the other platforms? Will Brave host or allow browser extensions that will censor or block or somehow interfere with conservative content?

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Brave will not inherently block or censor any content unless the user elects to do so by way of extension/add-on or some other tool used for that purpose. Brave is a web browser that gives you the tools to explore the internet safely and anonymously - we do not have a say, nor do we know, what content the user elects to see.

As stated above, our focus is not anchored to the content a user views (or does not view) while browsing. This is the type of data that Brave explicitly states will remain private unless freely given. This extends (ha!) down to browser extensions/plugins as well.

If a user elects to use some tool to block a specific type of content it is their choice to do so (for clarification, this applies to any type of content, not just ones rooted in politics. An extension that implements “parental controls”, for example, would also be included).

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