CCEnhancer - [Request] Full safe list of custom entries for Brave Dev and Brave Stable

Does anyone have a full safe clean list to add to the custom entries section of CCEnhancer. For Brave Dev and stable. It would be nice to have ccleaner work for Brave like it does for other browsers.

Hi, I already sent this to the developers of CCleaner a few weeks ago. :slight_smile:
I hope it will be implemented, but you can only wait and see.

But you can put pressure on them by sending them a message!:wink:

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I would hope some of the devs here might kindly create a custom list we can add to ccenhancer for both dev and stable brave. Iā€™m enjoying Brave Dev more at the moment (dark mode and extensions -stylus ).

Having ccleaner devs add a whole new browser might be a much bigger ask.

@devs Any devs have a list of paths/folders/files etc which can be added to ccenhancers custom entries for ccleaner. Would be good to have brave dev working in ccleaner.