site appears to be incompatible

This site appears to misbehave. After a code from the TV is input, the site takes you to an authentication login. With Chrome, the site behaves as expected, without further authentications, and enables the Roku to access the TV program content.

Have you tried turning shields off? What version of Brave/OS are you using?

Thank you for the quick response.

I have the default settings for the Shields, and I don’t want any other settings. There doesn’t appear to be a way to make an exception for one site.

Version: 0.61.52


Hmm. Are you clicking on the shield next to the site’s address for shield control? Because the switch that is at the top of the popup menu turns shields off for the site you’re on at the time, and there are slightly finer controls below.

@hnktong is correct about using the Shields panel.
However, it’s more than likely that you need to install Widevine first. CBS works – well, I was going to say fine but it actually works great. Not only am I able to watch content on the site, but I can also do so with Shields up and all the ads are blocked.

Would you be willing to share a short recording of the behavior your see on your end, @HinckleyBob ?

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