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I have just gotten a google nest mini, I would like to cast the music from my pc to the nest, I have set it up on my browser, BUT I cannot get the cast to stay on the toolbar, I can left and right click on it, BUT the same window appears. Then as soon as I navigate away it just heads back inside.

What am I doing wrong?

@Fiery_WA unless I’m not reading things properly, it seems like you’re describing how it’s intended to work. The cast button is supposed to temporarily open and you’re then supposed to choose what you want to cast (Tab or screen, which is under Sources) and which device you want to cast. So if you click on Kitchen speaker it would cast. Typically it casts the tab only by default.

Once you have it casting, it will show as it does below:


Of course, as soon as you click anywhere else, it minimizes again. It’s not supposed to stay open or it would be in the way. However, it will cast and the cast symbol will turn blue, such as below:


To stop casting, you would click on the tab icon again and then on the Stop button.

Again, it’s important to pay attention whether you’re doing Cast tab or Cast screen under sources. If you do Cast tab it will only reflect what is on that one tab. If you Cast screen it will show anything and everything you see and hear on your device.

You’re not saying that the icon goes away from the toolbar, right? If that’s what you’re saying, you may just need to make sure you set it to Always show icon by doing a right mouse click on it and then selecting the option:


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