Cashapp opens repeated new tabs to every time my phone turns off

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Description of the issue:
Every time my phone turns off cash app will open a new tab to their website. I have 5 and counting and it makes me feel this app isn’t as secure as what they say…

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. By turning off and on my phone.

Expected result:
no app’s to have access to my browser unless i grant approval and to learn where that approval is located so I can turn it off.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy S10+
Additional Information:
Maybe it is the adds but why do they get another each time the phone is turned off by the button??

To clarify, when you turn your phone on, the browser launches with a cash app tab open? Can you share the URL of this tab that it opens? Is it the same URL every time?

I deleted Cash App and deleted brave, the problem is still persisting but on other browsers this is got to be a virus or some thing on the Samsung galaxy S 10+, but it started when I download brave.

If you’re seeing this behavior outside of Brave it’s unlikely that it’s due to Brave, specifically. I just downloaded cash app on my phone and do not see this behavior. I also tried visiting in Brave and am not seeing this behavior either.

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