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Can we do something regarding annoying Captcha requests ?


Hi @teo

Could you clarify your request?



Sure …
I have noticed that in almost any site i am trying to login i have to solve a captcha in order to complete the login process.
That starts to get very annoying specially when i have to do that many times on many sites i use.
That happens with every browser i use and its nothing to do with advertise but i am sure many people have the same problem. Captcha is a google process to keep secure login but also to reveal private information from the user. Thats what i have read online for that issue. So my request is can we do something to help us avoid that annoying problem ?



Unfortunately the captcha is tied to the login process server-side so your best bet would be to publicly voice your concerns with each site that uses captcha and to use competing services.

You also should look at the base problem that captcha is trying to solve, bots ruining sites. So until there is another method which protects privacy and proves you’re a human, this will continue to be an issue.

To that end, the notion of a zk-proof a human is using a browser sounds ideal, but something tells me it’ll be a while before such a system could be built. :slight_smile:


very easy ;))

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