CAPTCHA not connecting

Description of the issue:
When Attempting to complete CAPTCHAs verification will fail followed by a notification that the site cannot connect to re.CAPTCHA

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Click to take CAPTCHA
2.Begin to complete CAPTCHA
3.CAPTCHA closes before a notification appears informing you thar re.CAPTCHA cannot be reached

Expected result:
CAPTCHA verification and completion.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave version v 1.3.109
Issue has existed on. all previous versions

Additional Information:
Connection is Stable on the problem persists on multiple different networks.
Issue is present on all sites the use re.CAPTCHA
Issue is present with shields on or off
Issue is present after clearing cache
Issue is present after deactivating VPN
Issue is present after relaunching Brave.

Do these fail? I tested around 6-7 refreshes of these pages, seem to work. Try testing in private window mode also.

I have the same problem too, I tried as you said from incognito and CAPTCHA works. I wonder why it doesn’t work normally?
Normally this is the error message I get .

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