Captcha are you a robot?

“Clicking on the Captcha button are you a robot has no effect”

  • Information about me:
    • i. Windows 10
    • ii. Brave: 0.24.0
  • step-by-step
    • i. I downloaded and installed Brave.
    • ii. I use the header do not track and strict site isolation
    • iii. I went onto a website that need captcha to authenticate. I couldn’t click.

Hi @ekaterina,

It’s a known issue where reCaptcha not working if you have Site isolation enabled. You can try to disable it.

And Brave 1.0 will not have this issue.

I don’t want to push you, but maybe the Brave Beta will work for you? I have no problems. The beta is suitable for daily use.

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And when has to arrive the version 1.0?

1.0 is scheduled for an early November release but as @MediaBird said, you can get the Beta version of this right now if you’d like to get an early look at 1.0:
Brave Beta Download
Official Beta Announcement
Brave Beta Support here in Community

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