Can't verify wallet for BAT reward

Brave suddenly doesn’t let me verify my uphold for reward

MacOS 12.4 and Brave version 1.41.96

Is your browser wallet currently verified? No, Brave is not letting me because “region not supported” even though I’m in the US and been using it forever**

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? Yes

Are you using a VPN? No

Are you in a supported region? Yes

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold? Yes

Most likely you’re seeing the result of them pausing all connections to Uphold for a week or so. Check topic below:

Hi, Thanks for the response.
I’ve been trying again but so far nothing works. I’ll attach a picture to show the problem

I know, please read the article. It still is not open yet. He was saying hopefully next week will be able to allow you to connect again

i still cant verify for some reason. how do i fix it?

Still the same message? It shouldn’t be, if you’re seeing it. But I do know there’s been a few others in various supported regions who have been saying they’re getting the “region not supported” message. Had one from US, another from Colombia, then UK, Spain, etc.

When I brought it up to a couple from Brave, they said that hasn’t been a common thing and when they’ve seen it, usually was a KYC issue. Such as someone who did KYC and submitted documents for one country but now saying they are in another.

That said, all I can say is to try two things. You likely won’t get much results in response, but it’s the first steps.

  1. Reach out to Uphold support to make sure everything is good there. Make sure your profile is completely filled out and they have it all on their side to align with your Uphold profile, all showing you’re in the United States.

  2. Once Uphold responds, which I’m assuming will be that everything is fine, create a Support Ticket with Brave and advise them of the info, including your contact with Uphold.

I’m saying it that way, sounding a bit negative, because I have seen issues like:

In that, they created the ticket first and only had the response to contact Uphold. It’s possible submitting a ticket would get you to someone who would properly investigate to begin with, but no guarantee on that. And with even “higher ups” saying that it was “explained by a mismatch in KYC documents used,” I’m just wanting to be blunt and say to be prepared to jump through a couple hoops. If you get lucky and they prioritize and fix right away, then that’s awesome. But I’d rather have you expect issues and be pleasantly surprised than I would to make it sound quick or simple, then to have the opposite…which is then irritating as heck.

If I’m right, you’ll write Uphold and they’ll say to check with Brave. (No issues on their end)

Brave will tell you to check with Uphold or they need more info, then who knows what happens. (Not sure specifically what they’ll ask for)

You’ll then write again or have someone like Steeven tell you to DM them, then progress may or may not be made.

That sounds completely negative and bad, but it’s really not. It just really is setting up for perspective and to know what to anticipate in a worst case scenario. Expect the worst and hope for the best, basically.

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