Can't Verify uphold wallet with Brave Mobile app

Since I’ve lost my device and lost my old linked devices I’m unable to link my uphold wallet in mobile Brave app.
@Mattches As you have provided form that you allow one more device to link with uphold and remove one of the old. I don’t have payment ID or Anything of that devices.
As steps provided in your post I’ve submitted the same last week with new payment ID I wanted to add and I haven’t received any reply on that. More than that I’m still unable to link & verify my uphold wallet in mobile brave.

Please help in this matter. Should I create new wallet ?
Mobile Device: Oneplus 7
Brave Version: 1.32.106, Chromium 96.0.4664.45

Submit your wallet unlinking request, explain your situation and provide the email you use to login to your Uphold account in your message and someone on support team will happily assist you.

Thank you.

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