Can't verify on Android


after last payout I reached 15 BAT on Android and I observed that now I can verify my account. Because I alredy have Uphold account (because I already verified earlier on PC), I would like to verify with the same ACC on Android. However, when I log into Uphold acc to verify, I obtain email which I need to click. Unfortunately, when I click the email, it just logs me into my Uphold account in the new tab of the browser, but it does not verify my wallet. When I go back to the wallet with verification, it is still waiting to click the email even after I clicked the email.

What can I do?

Best wishes.

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Hey @Maciej_Ficek ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

How many devices do you have connected? If you have 4 already you wont be able to add any more to that Uphold account.

This might be a bit strange, but can you try what this user suggests and let me know if that worked for you? → Solution for Uphold Account Sync


Thanks, turning off the Brave shields helped.

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