Can't verify my site. Plugin doesn't work

I also added the DNS record, yet verification doesn’t work. Are you guys going to fix the plugin? It didn’t work for me in 2018 either

cc @Asad @steeven for assistance here

@Asad @steeven Need assistance

Perhaps you should show us your site link, it might have been verified but not yet synced on your side, or show screenshots of the error you receive when you click “Verify”?

Hi @Sutekhscrypto,

If you’re able, can you share your site link?


Dm’d you guys. I have the file uploaded on my database

Hi @Sutekhscrypto,

I checked your public DNS record via and did not see the verification record.

Can you confirm that you added the TXT record properly?


Yes I added it properly

@Sutekhscrypto I’m not really sure based on your screenshot.

Did is the host/name? Host/name should be or @.

I followed the directions to the T. That’s what came out of it. The directions given though are very poor, and don’t talk about updating the dns for different hosting companies

I didn’t know you had to use the domain name. I just did that now it works

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Glad to know it’s works now. Thanks for the update @Sutekhscrypto :slightly_smiling_face:

Very glad you got it to work. Sorry you had such a tough time. Really appreciate your support and patience with us! We can make some revisions to the support docs to make this a little easier. There’s not much we can do in terms of supplying instructions for specific DNS providers since they are so many of them and their systems vary so much.

You for sure have to use the root domain name. Subdomains do not work.

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