Can't verify mobile wallet

Hello, I am a Brave user (Windows, MacOS, Android).
Until recently, my portfolio was synchronized on desktop and mobile.
I could see on my mobile the sum of my desktop and mobile balance. On the other hand, I could only see my desktop balance on the desktop version.
Recently my mobile wallet got out of sync, and since then when I try to resynchronize it the application crashes.

My mobile balance is less than 25bat but it has always worked until now.

Then I get redirected to this screen :

And if I click again on the “verify” button brave app just crash :neutral_face:

it’s a bug. it will stay on this loop forever. wait for the new update it may be cleared.

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Thank you for your answer !
Do the developers know about this? I would like to change my phone but I don’t want to lose my bat…

Take a look at this thread, specifically the instructions from Mattches:

Thank you for your answer, it looks like I can say goodbye to my bat…

yes you will loose your BAT Definitely. :pensive:

I have the same here

Do you think I can ask for a refund ?

just forget about it brother its lost. Next Time be careful while saving your BAT or you will loose again okay.

Be careful to what ?

while saving your bat

What do I need to do to be careful when saving my bat ?

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