Can't validate lack of HTTPS

Please help. I might try the DNS route, but feel more comfortable going the text route though.

I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions to the T.

The only think that I can suggest is to make sure you give the right permissions. Or use DNS record method. It’s easier IMHO.

Thank you. Can you tell me what “the right permissions” would be?

I’ve never heard it in conjunction with something like this and would like to verify.

AFAIK permissions to read, write, execute or else.

@joshbruce it doesn’t seem like you have placed the file in the right location.

Got it! Thanks for the help. (At least it says I’m verified with Brave, but the browser says not yet - even after refreshing.)

One more question and the explanation in case someone else runs into the issue.

Do I have to keep that file around and accessible after being verified (or is it one and done)??

I’m using a PHP-base single-page server-side app. The framework is Laravel (most likely should apply to things like WordPress as well). The .htaccess file forces the server to always serve index.php at root.

For someone reason, it was working the way I expected, which is that if the URL request is valid according to files and folders, the router would not be used.

Apparently, since I’m using a catch-all route, it’s actually not handing things back over to the server - in other words, Laravel happens first.

I created a route for the txt file and returned the file (not sure if it would still work with just returning the contents - probably). Went back to the Brace Creators area.

Needed to fix a couple things related to hyphens versus underscores - verified.

Thanks again.

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