Can't use internet after downloading latest version of Brave Browser

I have been happily using Brave Browser for years through many software updates. After receiving a message prompting me to reinstall the latest version of Brave Browser for Mac - I did so only to find I am now unable to use the internet using brave browser - no problem with other browsers. I download BB again - same problem. Any suggestion?

This may solve your issue.,immediately%20clear%20your%20PC's%20DNS%20cache.%20See%20More.

@Joebloggs what you’re saying is something that shouldn’t be happening. If it is, then it just means you have something on your device blocking it. It could be a virus, malware, extension, firewall, DNS, etc. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of guess work and troubleshooting that would be needed.

Unfortunately, you provided almost no detail at all. Such as exactly which version of Brave you installed, where you got it from, which Mac OS you’re using, what messages (if any) you see when you say that there’s no internet, if you’ve tried in a private window, etc.

As much as people can make assumptions based on your comments, I prefer to have as much specific details as is possible to there’s no confusion or mistakes.

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