Can't use Facebook as of now

Windows 7
Brave 1.27.109

I load Facebook and i`m met with this popup, I select accept all but popup loads again after I submit

Check whether you can proceed normally in a private window.

Same deal with private window

I found what caused it, I was connected to my vpn which seems to break somthing @Mattches … Facebook loads fine without that looped prompt with vpn off, tried a few different servers in varies countries same result, vpn works fine with chrome and Facebook, so its different Brave issue

done some more testing, vpn servers I connect to in Canada or America don’t give me that cookies loop prompt for facebook, all other countries do and again chrome has no issue

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Thank you for the information. I’ve reached out to our web compat. team about this to see if it’s a known issue.

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Which location did you receive that cookie message @structdjm

so far Iceland, Ireland, Germany receive that cookie message loop… Canada, America, Ukraine, South Africa works fine, this happens with iam logged out of Facebook and reload Facebook, let me know if you want me to test more countries

Sounds like it’s GDPR-related, but even so it doesn’t explain the loop.

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