Can't use as primary browser


When will there be an easier way to enable extensions? I tried following the Medium blog post, but I couldn’t get MixrElixr working (an extension for chat on a streaming site I use).

Until that, Join (push stuff to my phone), and TubeBuddy for my YouTube channel are in, at the very least, I can’t use this browser really at all. :confused:


Likely when this materializes:

Brave Unveils Development Plans for Upcoming 1.0 Browser Release, Including Transition to Chromium Front-End

No solid ETA but I have heard by EOY.


Wasn’t it still in progress like… 2 years ago? Takes a while haha. Unfortunately I can’t switch to it without a couple specific plugins. And one of them is for a specific site, Mixer, which doesn’t have nearly as many users as twitch.


Makes sense. Good luck.



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