Can't upload Images/files in FB Messenger DM


Ongoing, multiple builds. Not looking for support, but to see if others experience.

Win10 current build. Shields up or down.

I can upload photos and such to a new post in Timeline, but cannot do so when trying to send these in a DM pop-up tab. It goes through the motion of choosing the file, but after choosing it, will not upload into the DM window. I always have to open a different browser to do this action.

I notice that after choosing file, when that choose-file window goes away, the mini DM tab loses focus (the title bar goes from FB blue to gray) without any further click after choosing the file, but nothing happens.

Cannot upload images to fb messenger

Hi @gallegos

I’ve tried this a couple of ways.

  1. When using FB messages (ex. search for a person, open their profile, click on ‘Message’ on their profile): I’m able to reproduce when using the ‘Add Photos’ button on a message, but not the ‘Add file’ (paperclip) button.
  2. When using Messenger (ex. click on Messages icon at the top of the page, click on ‘See All in Messenger’ at the bottom of the drop down), I’m able to reproduce using the ‘Add Photos’ button, there is no ‘Add file’ button. Also, when here, I can drag/drop an image into the message and it works.

My shield settings are as follows:
HTTPS Everywhere
Block Phishing/Malware
Block Ads
Block 3rd Party Cookies

Also, we do have an issue logged, which can be tracked here:


closed #3

It’s been fixed.