"Can't update Brave" shouldn't be displayed in Linux since the update mechanism is external

Description of the issue:

If Internet access is somehow disabled when launching Brave, it can display a popup in the top-right corner, along with a “Reinstall Brave” button which merely tries to access brave.com/download/. The popup disappears after a while, but an “Update” button remains. (Actually, it’s the main hamburger menu icon that gets extended with the word “Update” and colored pink.)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Disconnect Internet access.

  2. Launch Brave.

  3. If it has been long enough (one month?) since Brave could last check, the popup may appear.

Expected result:

On Linux systems, Brave shouldn’t try to check if it’s up-to-date. Each Linux distro has its own update system that covers installed apps as well as the OS itself. (Depending on how the app was installed.)

Brave Version:

1.49.132 (See below for more on this.)

Additional information:

  1. I’m getting the popup only in Linux Mint 21.1 (with the same version of Brave), not in 20.3 or earlier. I don’t know why that would be.

  2. Brave is clearly presuming that it’s out-of-date, since this happens when it cannot actually check because it doesn’t have Internet access. I suspect that it’s simply triggered by the time elapsed since the last successful update or check.

  3. Because of the previous point, it is impossible to tell whether this bug is still present in the latest version.

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