Can't unblock firewall, cant install Brave

hello, i’m downloading your installer and i click install it on my windows 7 64bit PC.
but suddenly this popout appear

  1. i’ve tried turn off all of my firewall
  2. i’ve give authorization to braveupdate.exe can pass through my firewall
    i’m even use safe mode to install Brave.
    but that popout still appear.

i want to Brave installed correctly in my PC so i can use it.

Brave sol241

I’m experiencing this same issue, I made a post here: "Unable to connect to the Internet" on Brave Installer 1.0.0

If you want to install Brave, you can use the standalone installer as a workaround for this.
Windows x64 | Windows x32

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amazing, i succesfully installed Brave without problem with your method.
thank you.
Brave should provide standalone version in their download page.

Glad it worked. I agree, if they don’t want it listed on the downloads page then I’d at least recommend them leaving a link to their GitHub where the standalone installers can be found.

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