Can't turn off auto-contribute BAT settings

Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve triple checked that my auto-contribute is disabled, but for the last couple months my brave browser continues to auto-contribute… today I saw that all the BAT I had collected from ads is now gone…what I had was probably close to $30 or $40 4-6 weeks ago. Now it’s all gone.

Today I saw the message: “Your scheduled monthly payment for Auto-Contribute and monthly tips could not be completed due to insufficient funds. We’ll try again in 30 days.”

I checked again - it’s still toggled off. Anyone else had this happen??

Were the sites you contributed to present in the AC table before you toggled the feature off?

Thanks for the response… not sure what the AC table is or how to check that.

Auto-contribute table:

I wonder if this is related to the same thing I recently posted about:
BAT disappearing fast, with no record of where it went or how much more will be consumed.

Thanks, ok the AC table I understand now. To be honest I’m not sure… but either way when it’s turned off then it should stop, right?

just took a look… not sure, since for me when I finally noticed I was auto contributing to all of these sites even though I didn’t intend to, I still did have a record of all the sites I “contributed” to.

I have the same issue, I’ve posted something before I could see this. There’s definitely a bug going on. I have never allowed autocontribute or any websites and all my BATs have gone. So glad I didn’t transfer my actual holdings in BAT into the Browser. Was still suspicious, rightly so.