Can't tip 0.105 BATs without Uphold

My Uphold account was suspended because I’ve lost my 2FA key.
Now I have:

  1. A publisher account (not linked to Uphold but still may be linked to Gemini).
  2. A brave browser: 1.14.78 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) beta (64-bit).
  3. 0.105 BATs in the brave browser not linked to Uphold.

My plan is to tip to myself and to connect my publisher account to Gemini so I can withdraw BATs from the browser.

Several articles in this community say I can tip BATs to others (including myself) without Uphold account:

  1. Can I receive BAT without linking my Uphold account?
  2. Without uphold sent tips other creater
  3. Donate without uphold

Currently I can’t send tips to myself or to – Brave says I have “Not enough tokens”. At the same time my balance on the tip panel is shown as wallet balance 0.000 BAT which is wrong because I have 0.105 BATs shown on a new tab page.

Can I hope that if I reach 1.000 BATs then I will be able to tip to myself (or at least to wikipedia)?

Hey, @ilyaigpetrov Welcome Back to Brave Community!

Yes, you at least need 1 BAT to make a donation.

Small amount of donation should not lead your account to suspension.

You lost access to your uphold account or you have a suspended account?

At the begining i also lost my 2FA key and i ask for uphold support, they help me getting another key.

The Uphold support asks for an international passport to recover my account which I don’t have and creating a second Uphold account is against their rules. So I’ve stuck until I have an international passport.

Hmp, in my case they only ask me for a pasport or an official ID card.

I think it’s not the case for Russia. They don’t accept my other Russian identity documents and ration coupons because they are in Cyrillic:

To remove the restriction of your account please provide us an ID in Latin characters.

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Thank you for your answer!

Is this 1 BAT limit is also applied to auto-contributions (so to all donations, not just tips)?

No, you can Auto-Contribute upto 5 BATs, hover ever you can increase the limit by upto 100 BATs.

2020-09-17 10_24_04-Rewards - Brave

Thank you, @ShineWhine.

I receive about 1-2 ads per day, it’s about 0.01625 BATs per day on the average. So in 10 days I receive only 0.17 BATs at best. To earn 1 BAT I have to spend 62 days.

Is this normal tempo? Why do I receive so few ads?

Try this

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Hello, For tipping you must need 1BAT in your account if you are planning to tip yourself better you connect that 2nd device with your Uphold instant of Tipping yourself. This will Credit you Full BAT.

Nice share but i think in this case it will not help, because he is still receiving ads.

I agree not so much. If he is in the russian federation they maybe have not so many campaigns and they pay less for the ad.
Here you can look what campaigns run in your country.

You can download a full .csv list if you enter a email adress.

Ok, thanks. I thought resetting ads would help!

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Gemini doesn’t operate in Russia, unfortunately, so my plan failed.
This topic may be closed, thanks everyone for the help.

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