Cant tap button like on fans page Facebook

Its old bug when I want like fanpage I must use Facebook app because like button on brave browser not working (IM use android)

Just tested this on my OP6 (Android 10)

Which Version of Brave ver/Android/Device are you using?

I use 1.5.5 version

Latest version I think

Can you try in Brave Beta for Android (via the store) does it help?

On play store don’t have beta version ?

Do you use brave Beta bro?

Yes I do :slight_smile:

Not working use Beta version

What are you Shields setting set to for Facebook? Click the Shields panel to open it and share screenshot of the what the panel looks like.

Like this

I can confirm I don’t see any blocked items in the trackers, but I was still able to “Like” a facebook post

Can you try toggling the main toggle off at the top of the Shields panel and try again?

Not working i donf know why but my friend have sama issue too

I would try Shields = up but toggle off the Block 3rd party cookies option in the Shields panel.

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