Can't Sync Chromebook. It says "Sync is disabled by your administrator."

Can’t Sync Chromebook. It says “Sync is disabled by your administrator.”

I have an HP Chromebook running GNU/Linux. Before deleting old Sync events on my Acer laptop in the list of synced devices, the Acer laptop recognized the HP Chromebook/Linux laptop as penguin.

I saw that the history of the Chromebook was not synchronized with the more often used Acer. So I deleted the old and existing connections to the Acer (on the Acer computer) so that I could reestablish the Chromebook to be running with the same history & Bookmarks as the Acer. Thus I wanted to reconnect the Chromebook’s Brave History & Bookmarks so that it would match what was on the Acer.

I got the 25 word code from the Acer. Then went to the Chromebook sync. I clicked add a connection or I have a code and a box opened. The words were entered and checked to be correct. I clicked whatever button was there and got to a message that said “Sync is disabled by your administrator.”

Now when I go to Sync on the Chromebook, it shows one line to click. “Manage your synced devices.” If it is clicked it takes me to the next screen which says, “Sync is disabled by your administrator.”

How do I become the administrator and enable sync? As far as I know I’m the administrator because nobody besides me has ever touched this computer.

Thank you for your help.