Can't switch between accounts in YouTube

Description of the issue: I am not able to switch between accounts in YouTube. This started today only. Tried removing cache and cookies but still having the same issue. I tried logging out all the accounts and relogin with single account it worked but as soon as I logged in with second account the top right corner icon just stopped working if I click on it nothing happens.

I tried the same method with other browsers and it is working.

What should I do in order to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

Brave Version:
Version 1.28.105 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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The same issue as YouTube notification, 3dot icon save to and user login not working.

Until @fanboynz commits a fix, disabling trackers & ads blocking of Brave Shields is the workaround.

Same, it just started a couple of hours ago for me;

I’ve noticed that BRAVE SHIELDS has an effect on this;

Aggressive and Standard Trackers & Ad Block causes the buttons to stop working on

They’re only enabled again once the Brave Shield is set to OFF for Trackers & Ad Blocking.

So you found solution for it?

Not a solution exactly, but as @Rethanis said; you can turn off the Brave Shield for Trackers & Ad Blocking for to re-enable the buttons until the browser is fixed with an update due to changes from Youtube.

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Ok but will need to compulsorily watch 2 ads at the start of every video. : (

Have rolled out a fix, give 24hrs. Apologies. Was trying to fix youtubeTV popup not to relise the same windowID is used for this.


No problem will wait for the fix.

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As a interium fix just add into brave://adblock actual fix will roll out within 24hrs. Apologies!


You can use an extension like uBlock Origin, in the meantime to remove ads and other unwanted content from videos and sites including youtube. @Armagaddeon

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Apologies, an extra refresh worked out. Thank you for the solution!

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@MrZeffy I know there are lots of ad blockers available but I enjoy brave the most.

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And How do you do that? I went to Brave://adblock and in the custom filters area thing I put and nothing changed I still cant click any of the buttons.

I had the same issue as you initially, but then a refresh of YouTube resolved it. You can as well try closing YouTube → adding the custom filter → back to YouTube.

Note to self: “” is an Exception Rule - see:

There, scroll down to Content Filters > . . . > Exception Rules

PS. Old Adblock link: “” now redirects to:

Hmmm, I dont know about this one… I works fine in my brave browser.

I can reproduce the issue in all Stable, Beta, and Nightly versions of Brave, in clean user profiles (no third-party extensions, empty browsing data).

The thing is, I’m no longer sure what the actual issue is. I found out I can use the buttons in YouTube after a few refreshes, which is exactly the same behavior as when using the custom filter provided by @fanboynz.

In brave://components/ Update “Brave Ad Block Updater” too Version: 1.0.1030, then refresh the page

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