Can't Start Brave because "The profile appears to be in use by another Chromium process (1502) on another computer (TheWinner)."



Hey guys,
I just changed my host name on my linux computer but when I started brave I received this:

Link to my output

I tried to uninstall it and purge the configuration but it didn’t work. And since I don’t know to “unlock a profile” I needed to ask you here.

P.S. Yes, I looked through the community posts and the only one that i similar to my problem is this one but I didn’t saw any reply on that one and it’s closed so that’s why I am posting this.

Information on my system:
Currently installed Brave version: 0.23.39
OS: Kali Linux (KDE) 2018.2
Previous hostname: TheWinner
Current hostname: NexusWorkstation


OK, nevermind. Apparently I needed to delete the brave folder in ~/.config/.


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