Can't sign in using Google

Hi. Since last week I can’t sign into websites (e.g. using Google. When I click “sign-in with google” the usual pop-up appears, then if I’m already signed into Gmail it seems at first that it is signing me in automatically, but then the pop-up disappears and the main browser window hasn’t changed from the sign-in page.

If I first log out of Gmail, then it asks for my password, but the result is the same as above.

I also cleared my cache and created a new test profile in Brave, with a similar result (except it proceeded to the wanted account, but just hung there, not signing me in - then I didn’t know how to get back to default profile, that was a nightmare!).

When using Chrome, I sign in immediately through the same websites - no issue at all.

I use a VPN (SurfShark), not sure if this has an influence, since Chrome works fine.

Any advice welcome.



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