Can't sign in to sync bookmarks and settings across computers. Is this intentional?

Not sure if this is a bug of a beta build, or an intended feature of Brave to help block trackers or something. I am unable to sign in to the browser like I would on Chrome or Firefox so that my bookmarks, history, and forms/passwords sync across computers.

When I click my user icon, it says “Sync Disabled: Not signed in.” When you click this spot in Chrome, it lets you enter user name and password. In Brave it just lets you rename the user and select an icon. I find no way of signing in or enabling sync.



It is intentional. Brave is working right now to implement sync. Currently, attempting to sync as is will always fail. A couple issues open to follow Sync on, and here’s the current tasks on our plate to be done by 1.0:


That explains a lot!