Can't share/save/open in... PDF

  • iOS 11.1.1
  • Version 1.5 (


thanks for distributing and supporting Brave.
I hope I didn’t slipped over an existing post.

When opening an online PDF I’ve got sometimes the option to “Open in …” it. So it seems to work.
But most of the time (also in older Versions and also in iOS 10) I don’t see this option for PDFs. Sometimes it’s a white space and since the Brave Version with Tabs it’s not reachable.

It seems that it’s working after restarting the app but not after using it for a while.

And, I don’t know how or how to reproduce, then there was an bug where the “Open in…” Option was displayed for a PDF which was opened in another tab (and it worked! It opened the PDF from the other tab).

This might be an example of an online PDF

I hope the screenshots will show what I mean.

Kind regards

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